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A trip to the Scenery Resort

August 7, 2011

Our homeschoolers wanted to have a “feel” of farm life so we looked online where we could possibly go for a field trip. Initially we wanted to go to a farm but the entrance fee was quite costly, so we cancelled it.

Through a recommendation of a friend, we decided to go to Scenery Resort.  It is located in Suanphung, Ratchaburi, about 4 hours drive from where we are in Bangkok.

Scenery Resort is said to be Thailand’s “New Zealand”– we have always wanted to go to New Zealand and since there seem to be no opportunity for us to do so, I guess this would be a perfect alternative for us. Haha!

The resort is famous for its lush green fields– and those mountains are gorgeous, aren’t they?  It is also very seldom that you would see sheep in Bangkok so it was refreshing to be in a place that is neither crowded nor noisy. Pure nature!

Our homeschoolers really had a “feel” of farm life that day– they loved those hats, and feeding the sheep with grasses.
One fun activity there was the Archery– fun for both adults and kids.
Their website says Kayaking is also available for those who are keen.
We could have ridden in horses too, but they are available at 3pm.  We had to leave before that so that we could get to Bangkok before it starts to have heavy traffic in the late afternoon.  It is for the same reason that we did not go Kayaking.
They also have rooms available for those who want to stay overnight.  If we were to go there again, we would stay for the night so that we could maximize our time, making the most of the long trip.