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Hello world!

November 21, 2009

Do you remember the time you held in your hands, your very first cell phone? Or having the pair of shoes you’ve always wanted?  For the more high-tech people, do you remember holding in your hands, your very own i Pod, or laptop?  There is an amount of kilig there.  It’s like, whatever you do, you cannot hide it– it shows! You are happy!

Well, I feel the same for this domain.  It came as a very pleasant surprise for me on a supposedly ordinary Saturday like today.  I am.. overwhelmed and blown away! (oopss, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  I have to borrow it from a friend in f acebook. LOL!)  I was washing the dishes after lunch today and I am so… yes, happy!  I busied myself importing the blogs from blogger, categorizing them, chose a theme, linked one of the blogs in facebook.. whew! for a not so technical person like me, it was one tough job.  But well, Hello world! Here I am.. ready to “blog away”!!