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Chatuchak Market

July 10, 2011

Chatuchak would complete your Bangkok shopping experience. It is a weekend market that bustles with so much life, with people practically from all over the world.  It is huge ( I mean huge) market– what sets this apart from the shopping malls is that they just retained the “market” look, with  un-airconditioned stalls and little shops.  So in a way, it’s still authentically Thai.

These are the few photos I took inside the market.  We were there for about 4 hours and believe it or not, we have not even gone to half of the entire market.  Well, that’s also partly because I was with my mom who is one picky shopper. LOL.

Chatuchak market has it all– from pets to plants, home decors, hand painted stuff, bags, shoes, even second hand items!  Literally, you can shop ’til you drop.  In our case, we stopped because it poured heavily!  Notice the thick rain clouds in the first photo?

By the way, most shops do not allow people to take photos of their products/shops so these are all stolen shots. Maybe it’s one advantage that you have if you have one of those smaller digi-cams like mine.  It would have been more difficult if I had those big cameras for pros.  Or am  I just sour-graping? Of course, I want to have a DSLR camera!
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The Lotus and Thai culture

July 5, 2011

This beautiful pair of lotus flower was taken at Suphanburi, Central Thailand. The lotus is considered holy by most Thais, especially those who embrace Buddhism.

Lotus flowers sold in Wat Pra Kew, or the Emerald Buddha temple.

Hundreds of tourists flock the temple everyday.  In the photo, people dip the lotus flower in a golden basin filled with holy water.  They then sprinkle it on themselves. I wonder if all these people are really Buddhists. Maybe some of them just try this for the sake of experience.

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The Sunflowers of Lopburi

June 28, 2011

I have actually been trying to write posts about the places I have been to here in Thailand, but somehow I just did not have any time. I guess I owe this blog lots of posts!

I will begin with sharing photos on the Sunflowers of Lopburi. Lopburi is one of the cities going up north, but it still is in Central Thailand. It has been our home for 7 months when we studied Thai.

Lopburi is famous for three things: its beautiful sunflower fields, its monkeys and its military bases. It is also historical being the home of Phra Narai, one of Siam’s greatest kings.

The sunflowers usually bloom as early as July but these photos were taken last October– last year’s blooms were delayed because of the floods.  The locals said the sunflowers were not as pretty that time, but they were still gorgeous for me!

Mo Kata- very Thai!

June 3, 2011

Thais are generally foodies.  It would be very common to see eating places like this (buffet) with all sorts of Thai food.  These places would be so unbelievably packed at night time!

The “mo-kata” that is very near our place.  We were invited by very special friends last Friday night and we readily agreed to have dinner! We love these eating places.  So much food to choose from!

I got shy, I did not bring my camera to take photos of the food you can choose from. 🙂 So I just took a photo of what I’ve taken back to our table:  Sushi and this crunchy yellow  thing that tastes perfect with a very spicy sauce!

These are what they place on each table. We get to grill our meat here, and on the side is water where you can boil meat or vegetables if you want .  Quite hot sitting infront of this thing, though! 🙂

Fresh shrimps! they were big, I tell you!

And now they’re beautifully orange! I am so drooling! Let the eating begin!!

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Manorom Sunrise

June 1, 2011

I am not a morning person so rarely do I get sunrise photos (which is a shame, really!)  But one time we were at a retreat in Manorom, a province in Central Thailand I took these photos.  These are nothing compared to the ones my colleagues had– he who wakes up early gets the best photos, eh?  🙂

Sunshine waking me up to a beautiful day…

The fields were ready for the sunshine as well– a brand new day it is!

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Ayutthaya, the Ancient City

May 25, 2011

I had the chance to visit Ayutthaya, the ancient city in Thailand.  It is a very historical place, being the capital of Siam– that’s Thailand before it got its new name.  Siam was a kingdom and had kings for hundreds of years until it became Thailand, with Bangkok as its capital.

This is one of the temples by this beautiful lake.  It is so peaceful here.
Ruins of the ancient city
Another temple

We had the chance to go up a very high temple with very steep stairs… the view below was breath-taking.

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Day at Paragon Mall

May 19, 2011

Paragon Mall is located at the heart of Bangkok, and one of the biggest and high end malls in the city.

You would immediately see a  huge  exterior  fountain  at the entrance, and they change their decorations from time to time.  It is always an excitement to go to Paragon.

These photos were taken during our latest visit to Paragon.  I can’t help but take photos of the wall fountain and its festive look.  The purple mollusk goes up and down, by the way.  And those summer colors are just brilliant!

Exterior fountains are very attractive especially to kids.  You can see lots of people including tourists posing on the Paragon entrance, right beside the fountain.  It gives you an “under the water” feeling — just right for Bangkok heat!

I wonder what would be their theme the next time I would have the chance to visit.  Something  about school opening or welcoming the rainy season, maybe?  🙂