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Philippine football team!

April 5, 2011

I am not a sports enthusiast but I cannot help but be proud of the Philippine football team. Still a “baby” team in the world of football, they are doing very well and will definitely go far! Go, go, go, Azkals!

This is a video of Azkals beating Vietnam. I cannot help but cheer!

They must be using muscle stimulators for games like these. Happy that my home country has now a team that is on its way to make it to the international competitions. At least the world will know that we are not only good in boxing!

Speaking of boxing, have I ever blogged that almost every Thai taxi driver I have conversed with has at one point watched a Manny Pacquiao fight? And some are really avid fans. Their faces light up at the mention of their idol, at times I feel like they want me to sign an autograph in behalf of Manny. Kidding!! haha..