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30,000 students– overwhelming, heart-breaking

January 27, 2010

Jesus wept at the sight of the multitudes. So many of them– fatherless, shepherdless. I felt the same when we had a visit to the nearest university today– Durakhit Pundit University.

We were with the Australian team, and we just had a silent prayer walk while meeting people. It was a special day for them, since today is Australia Day. We had a good reason to chat with people and give them some Australia wristbands. 30,000 students in one university… I’m wowed. The number is overwhelming. Where do we start? With whom? how? We were just walking there and chatting with students a bit… when we came across two “Farang” teachers. One was British and guess what? The lady teacher is an Australian! You could imagine the joy she felt when she shook Pam and the other Aussie’s hand!
While they were chatting, Joey and I had a chat with the male teacher. He is a Christian from UK, but he sort of “wandered off”– came to Thailand 7 years ago to teach here. He said he has never been interested in looking for a church since he came.. but did say he might check the church out one time. I was so… blown away when he said he is going to introduce us to the International students’ director. We might be able to do something with the International students!! Isn’t it amazing??? I cannot wait. So here is a photo of us with the Australian team with that Australian teacher! It was wonderful to meet her as well. I am sure the visit also made her day special. So more photos of the campus…
Roaming around the campus and meeting students brought warmth to my heart.. I am so amazingly at home with college students. Perhaps I am a 35 year old with a teen-ager’s heart. LOL. Well, there you have it… 30,000 students. Souls. Lost and in need of a Savior. We cannot save all of them– but in our hearts, we are crying out, “Oh, God, give us our portion of the harvest here!”