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30,000 students– overwhelming, heart-breaking

January 27, 2010

Jesus wept at the sight of the multitudes. So many of them– fatherless, shepherdless. I felt the same when we had a visit to the nearest university today– Durakhit Pundit University.

We were with the Australian team, and we just had a silent prayer walk while meeting people. It was a special day for them, since today is Australia Day. We had a good reason to chat with people and give them some Australia wristbands. 30,000 students in one university… I’m wowed. The number is overwhelming. Where do we start? With whom? how? We were just walking there and chatting with students a bit… when we came across two “Farang” teachers. One was British and guess what? The lady teacher is an Australian! You could imagine the joy she felt when she shook Pam and the other Aussie’s hand!
While they were chatting, Joey and I had a chat with the male teacher. He is a Christian from UK, but he sort of “wandered off”– came to Thailand 7 years ago to teach here. He said he has never been interested in looking for a church since he came.. but did say he might check the church out one time. I was so… blown away when he said he is going to introduce us to the International students’ director. We might be able to do something with the International students!! Isn’t it amazing??? I cannot wait. So here is a photo of us with the Australian team with that Australian teacher! It was wonderful to meet her as well. I am sure the visit also made her day special. So more photos of the campus…
Roaming around the campus and meeting students brought warmth to my heart.. I am so amazingly at home with college students. Perhaps I am a 35 year old with a teen-ager’s heart. LOL. Well, there you have it… 30,000 students. Souls. Lost and in need of a Savior. We cannot save all of them– but in our hearts, we are crying out, “Oh, God, give us our portion of the harvest here!”


Canned goods, and more!

November 26, 2009

We listen in awe at missionaries who share their stories of miracles before they went and when they are already in the field. Before we came to Thailand, we cannot wait to have our own story!

I would have to say that to describe how God met our needs, is beyond words. I cannot mention people whom He has used– ministries that prayed for us, and friends who believed in what we are into and stood with us all throughout. Before we went to Manila, someone asked us how much would it cost us to enroll Ria at the School of Tomorrow. We answered it would cost us Php 15,000.00. Without hesitation, she said she was giving the money the following morning. How could I forget that morning when someone knocked on our door very early in the morning just to give us a check amounting to Php 20,000? Another morning when a couple handed to us Php 5,000 which brought tears to our eyes… Knowing those people, we were pretty sure they would need the money more. They were not well off, and just like anybody, were also just people who are working hard to get by daily. Of course I would never forget the sacrificial giving of students and friends– big and small amounts alike, they matter in the sight of God… very much honored and will surely be rewarded.

This blog is about a one-of-a-kind offering given to us by one church in Cavite, Philippines. Their young people gave canned goods– Holiday beefloaf, 555 Sardines, Pork and beans , Knorr cubes, Knorr soup, powdered juices and our favorite,Lucky Me pancit canton and noodle soups. Boy, we were overwhelmed! We were sure that everytime we eat those, we would also remember to pray for their church and its generous people.

Well, two months have come and gone and yes, we have enjoyed every moment we had with those goodies! Iba talaga ang sarap -Pinoy! And, iba talaga magbigay ang Pinoy!

Well, what can we say? THANK YOU, CAVITE COMMUNITY CHURCH! You have blessed our hearts [and our tummies] in a very, very special way!

at the right time, in the right place

November 12, 2009
Today, Thursday was supposedly laundry day for me. I did not have language learning class and I slept very late last night. I had coaching online with Mary Elliott, the wife of the World Outreach Director. It was a great time, she did very well in coaching me with mothering my kids and being a wife and a missionary all at the same time. John and Mary have grown up kids and I admire how they have been such good role models. Their kids are in their 20’s and are active in missions themselves now. After the coaching, Joey, the kids and I practiced our song for Sunday. With our new guitar, we just sang every song we could remember. Since we got here, we have never sang any English song in any service. Hmm.. nakakamiss din… I miss Cebuano songs, too. But for some reason, we set a meeting with Lorraine, our director this morning. It was unscheduled– but God scheduled it. We talked at 10:30 in the morning then ended at about 11. Lorraine and Irene had another meeting, and the family just decided to hang around the church for a while. It was already lunchtime, but we were still there. Jez played around, Ria answered her paces and I, taking advantage of the free internet, just did facebook and chatted with Barbette in YM. Joey came in and asked me to come to the Pastor’s office. There was a sense of urgency in his voice that I had to go right away, without even telling Barbs I will be right back.A broken man. I was surprised to see an American guy sitting at the pastor’s office with Joey. “Who is he and what is he doing here?,” I thought. He seemed very shaken and as he talked, I found the right adjective– he is broken. Much later I learned that he is not just broken, but he is totally BROKE. (haha). Well he introduced himself, and said he was just driving around the city to find someone to pray for him. When he found our church signage, he just made a turn and came right in. How amazing that at that time, only the Thai staff were there (P’Lorrie and Irene were in another office having a meeting– when they do that, they are not to be interrupted!) and we were there, at the right time and place! We could have gone home minutes before that, but God just let us stay a few minutes more. He told us about his problems– he used to be a well-paid teacher (just like any Farang) at a school until he got confined in a hospital for four months. At the hospital, someone shared to him the gospel and received the Lord. He was left broke, and his wife did not take good care of his 8 year old son. His son has this very weird kind of phobia, and he worries he could no longer feed him. He taught at a school yesterday but just today, the school just got rid of him– he was so devastated so he started to seek for someone to pray with, not exactly knowing where to go and whom to turn to.

The Presence. Listening to his story and his brokenness, we just asked the Lord for discernment if this guy had mental problems of any sort.. or just a hoax. But it was clear that he was thirsty enough to come here and asked for help. He could have gone anywhere else. Joey got his guitar and we just sang some songs and worshiped. The presence of the Lord was just awesome in that room. We felt God just embracing us.

Radical Giving. All of us were in tears when we finished worshiping and praying. Then he asked us if he can give to our missions. We were surprised. A man so broke talk about giving? he got his cash from his pocket and got 300 Baht and prayed, “Lord, let this money be useful for your glory..” something like that. We were really touched by his generosity even at this time of lack. I did not want to take it from him. “It was too much,” I thought. I saw him only having about 60 Baht left in his pocket. I mean, he could have more money somewhere, but obviously 300 Baht for him at that particular time was a huge amount, and giving it away meant he had to do it sacrificially. But I did not want him to be deprived of the blessings. He prayed and thanked God that He sent us two angels. Wow, I think it was the first time someone called me an angel! It was a great feeling to be of help. More than anything else, I praise God and just marveled, How amazing it is that God allows us to be in a place, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Unoffendable Me!

November 5, 2009

Joey and I were chatting last night… at how the Lord has been stretching our faith since we came to Thailand. Really, there will be no regrets, no one to blame on whatever may come our way here. It has been decided on, it has been prayed for, it is a done deal: once we are here, there will be no turning back anymore. We have been asking for prayer from so many people and to be honest, we are still raising our support as the money that comes in monthly is not enough for our monthly needs. For one, the Peso-Baht conversion. Like, we only receive a little over half of the amount sent! Whew.. And financial supporters do not give at the time they promised. My, my.. we are indeed walking on waters! And now.. enter Joey’s ears. Now I understand why missionaries have been telling us never to be offended with people, and never to expect from anyone but God alone. I have been nodding my head to these advises and vowed I will remember their reminders. But I think it is totally different when you are already here. I cannot help but expect.. and many times I say, “ah grabe pud!” but yeah I just have to remind myself over and over again that I cannot, and should not expect from anyone and if people, even if it means they are the closest to us, decide that they will not give, then God has to use someone else. I will not take it against them. It’s their money and I don’t have the right to tell them what to do with it, di baaa?? O sige smile, Raya.. gwapa kaayo ka.. (lol!)

give.. and it shall come back to you!

October 7, 2009
Ria and I had dinner this evening at the foodcourt. Halfway through her meal, she said she was already full. I thought it was sayang, so I said we will have it packed. Then, I was happy to use my newly learned thai word: “siklong”, I pointed to the food. It meant we want to bring it home and they would pack it. The servers smiled at me– I just learned the new word an hour before when I asked them to pack Joey’s dinner. Ria and I went to the 7-11 shop for “nompang”— bread. I had to say this, because bread made me cry at the Big C mall, remember?On our way to the hotel, Ria said something that amazed me. She said God told her to give her packed food to the elderly man sitting by the roadside. He was not a beggar.. and I have no idea if people here get offended if we give them food even if they did not beg for one. But since Ria said God told her, I said, “sure, langga! let’s go back!” I gave the man our packed food. He said many things in Thai and I said, “nit noi Thai. This is for you.” Then I gave him the food. He said “khopkunkap“– thank you. Then we walked away happily. I affirmed Ria on her generosity. A few meters from that, we stopped to buy paracetamol for Joey. I told the pharmacy attendant I cannot speak Thai and asked if he spoke English. He said yes. I said I wanted to buy paracetamol . He handed me one and I asked how much it was . He said I can have it for free! I asked why? It was quite a surprise. He just said I can have it! Wow! While Ria and I were walking, we were full of joy. God Himself showed us the law of sowing and reaping at work!