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Little Rider

April 5, 2011

Our boy loves to fantasize about being a “knight in shining armour”. Many times I catch him mumbling while holding his sword, on board the toy horse my father made for him.

With a “tiger friend”. He is so living in a fantasy world! But I know that is just normal for 5-year olds. I wonder if he would be interested to ride horses for competition wearing an equestrian clothing when he is older? At this time I think it’s too early to tell. One moment he says he wants to be a knight, the next minute he would proudly say he wants to be an engineer building bridges and buildings.

Whatever career he wants to pursue in the future, hubby and I could only support and guide him.


Hand Prints

February 24, 2010

We had to be creative on how to keep the kids busy since our DVD player has died its natural death. So without Ariel on “Little Mermaid”, who and what would keep them busy while I get engrossed in the kitchen or laundry?

Joey has come up with an idea of doing artwork together. We chose our own color from the water-based paint and dipped our palms on it! We made it appear like we are in one team, making a covenant instead of signing on a paper. We promised the kids we are going to frame these artworks, as a sign that we are one team here in Thailand. Oh, were they thrilled!
We always make it a point to make the kids feel like they belong to a team. I wonder what else we could do to make them busy? Oh, kids… sometimes I cannot keep up with them.

AVATAR: A Christian Mom’s Review

December 31, 2009

I blogged about bringing my kids to see Avatar on 3D yesterday. For every movie that my kids watch, be it here at home or in a movie house, I feel we should be responsible to explain if there are things that need to be explained—like what the Bible says about a certain issues. In the case of Avatar, I had to explain the following to Ria (now 8 and very curious). As for Jez, he listens to my “reviews”… not quite sure if he understands it, but I am just happy I would have the chance to.
Aliens. The Bible does not mention them. It only talks about the earth being made by God, to be the only habitable planet there is. It is inhabited by HUMANS, who are made in the image and likeness of God. I do not remember reading about any other planet inhabited by humans like us, or by some super tall, greenish creatures with orange eyes and silly looking noses and ears with tails.

Spirits. There are evil spirits, and there is one good Spirit—the Spirit of God. We are not allowed, and should not call on any other spirits for help or pray to them, like what we saw on Avatar. The “Almighty” there was the mother nature, which to me was humanistic and very close to new age teachings.

Reincarnation. We do not believe in reincarnation, nor on transference of one’s spirit into another body. When we die, we go to the Lord.. we do not transfer into another form, like what we saw on the movie.
With all due respect, I think the movie was brilliantly made— in terms of its effects and cinematography. Once again, world-renowned Cameron nailed it, like he did with Titanic. He overthrew “Harry Potter” (which I NEVER LET MY KIDS WATCH) down to number 2. Good job for him as a director, producer and writer. But as a mom, I should do my own good job… provide my kids with sound teaching. Next time, oh, next time, I would be more careful what to let my kids watch. For now, they may be young, but when they grow old, they will never depart from it.