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Chicken Barbecue

May 28, 2011

This yummy barbecue was sold at the streets of Silom, probably Bangkok’s busiest street. I have tried to be careful about eating street foods, but the sight of this yummy treat just made me break my rules!

Bustling with life with a traffic that kills:  Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand

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Letters to Juliet

July 14, 2010

So it is Wednesday. It meant cheap movies here in Chiangmai. I have never viewed any movie since we are here. We have always felt like we need to save for the rainy days. Haha… While some of our classmates who had that much extra to go to movies once a week or would go for fancy dinners, Joey, Abby and me… night after night walked to the restaurant by the corner and got our meal for 25 baht. Well, well… that’s life. Not that I am bitter or what… but really, I thought it would be nice to have just a nice meal at Sizzler’s one time and watch a movie. So tonight was that night.

Joey was not able to join us though, he has been on fast for two days now. I am praying that I could join him tomorrow. It was okay with him that I would watch and enjoy a good meal.

Sizzler’s was okay… and the movie was just… okay too. I love feel-good movies, plus it was a love story!It was about all these letters posted on walls of a city in Italy from women all over the world wanting to pour their hearts out to Juliet. Then Sophie (Amanda Seyfried of Dear John and Mama Mia) accidentally saw this letter written by a woman named Clare 50 years ago.

With Sophie’s writing back to Clare, they, together with Clare’s grandson went on a hunt to find the love she ran away from 50 years ago… with Sophie finding her own true love too, along the way.

I did shed a tear or two on one scene, and so did the friends I was with. Hmmm… feel-good, predictable love stories with happy endings sure was a good way to divert from the Nations course readings. Which reminds me, I am here for this course and so, back to my readings now! toodles!!!