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The Sunflowers of Lopburi

June 28, 2011

I have actually been trying to write posts about the places I have been to here in Thailand, but somehow I just did not have any time. I guess I owe this blog lots of posts!

I will begin with sharing photos on the Sunflowers of Lopburi. Lopburi is one of the cities going up north, but it still is in Central Thailand. It has been our home for 7 months when we studied Thai.

Lopburi is famous for three things: its beautiful sunflower fields, its monkeys and its military bases. It is also historical being the home of Phra Narai, one of Siam’s greatest kings.

The sunflowers usually bloom as early as July but these photos were taken last October– last year’s blooms were delayed because of the floods. ┬áThe locals said the sunflowers were not as pretty that time, but they were still gorgeous for me!