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An empty house no more

April 11, 2011

When we came into our new place, it was practically empty, so the challenge was to fill the house with furniture with our little budget. We had a mat with throw pillows that our friend lent us to start with. But not long after that we were able to buy a couch and a book shelf.

This is how our living room looks like now (this was taken before the kids came, but now you can imagine two active kids running around, messing things up!! )

But I am glad that our house is not that empty anymore… and it is already filled with so much energy and laughter! I don’t know if we would buy a reclining loveseat , but I would love to have one!

Like I always say, it would be best to stick to a list when buying things for the house, otherwise we would end up over spending. And that loveseat would be a good place to spend lazy afternoons on! 🙂


Loving our new home

April 10, 2011

What I love in our new neighborhood is that it is not that far from down town Bangkok and yet we can still enjoy a fresh morning breeze and the neighbors are generally warm and friendly. The kids are loving it here. This is our 3rd house since we came to move in Bangkok, and the best so far! This is a real blessing.

We have not shopped for any modern furniture yet, though. For now, our budget only allows us to have a comfortable couch and some big throw pillows on a mat. Of course I am trying my best to save for one! I really want friends and family back home to come visit and have a comfortable time here.

Did I mention that I love to have a garden? Well, I do have one now!! A garden in Bangkok? Believe it or not!

Roi, our 5-year old son shows great interest in gardening. “The plants need my help,” he says. And then he trimmed the yellow, dying leaves. I am so glad I have happy little hands helping me out in the garden everyday!

Getting organized

June 13, 2010

I had been keeping receipts lately. I am not a very organized person, and I am quite clumsy with keeping records. Although I am already in my mid-30’s, I still believe there will always be a room for change! So beginning last month I started keeping track of our daily expenses, from little purchases like a bottle of mineral water to buying a brand new pants for hubby.

It is fulfilling to be able to do so, since I can more or less see if I have been overspending or that I need to slow down on buying things. I am just thankful that nowadays stores have these receipt printer so it is very easy and quick to get receipts as it comes with the purchased goods.

I used to think that being organized was impossible, but so far I am actually doing good! Sanguine me used to abhor recording details and loved spur-of-the-moment purchases but this thing actually has changed all that. With fingers crossed, may I have the strength to do this everyday!