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Kids and Homeschooling

July 2, 2010

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges a foreigner here in Thailand, Filipinos like us included, is the kids’ education. Education in public schools here is very affordable, only they use Thai as the only medium of instruction.

So the next option would be to enroll the kids in a Bi-lingual or an international school. Brace yourself, and prepare to pay at least 250,000 for the whole school year. That’s only for a Bi-lingual school. Prepare a double amount for international schools! So homeschooling would be the best option for us.

Last month though, the kids and I flew to the Philippines– my parents took advantage of the cheap flights via Cebu Pacific. I left the kids there since we are attending this training in Chiangmai for over a month. While there, both the kids are temporarily enrolled in regular schools. I wondered if there would be someone who would sell textbooks to us then– I mean I was looking for used books that Ria could use just for the two months that she is there as buying brand new books would not be practical. Since there was none, I had to resort to photocopying up to Unit 4 of the books… with the permission of the school, of course.