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Healthy gifts

July 15, 2011

A wonderful way to make your special someone happy is to make him, or her, eat. Organic fruit of the month club is a store full of fruit baskets and gift ideas beautifully packaged to add to the delight of the receiver. Everything that can be eaten is organic and good for the health. Sumptuous and delightful stuff ready for the giving, it’s easy and thoughtfully fun way to cheer just about anyone. Just pick, pay and enjoy being the most thoughtful giver of the season.


Dancing our way to health

June 3, 2011

What if we just dance our way to weight loss?  What if we had a fun way to gain good health and stay fit?  Some people find weights or going to the gym a pain.  I have to admit I am one of those. 🙂

I am thinking of joining these ladies (and a few gentlemen) do dance aerobic workouts at a mall parking lot that is not really far  from our house.  They gather here every single afternoon and just dance away!

So it’s either I join them or do my own zumba workouts at home. I am sure hubby and I would have lots of fun if we set aside a time of exercising together. Zumba has definitely made exercising more fun and something to look forward to!

Swimming at Marriott

May 20, 2011

Hubby took this photo of me while swimming at the Marriott Hotel swimming pool.  Funny how many takes shots he had to take before I said it was ok.  LOL. He said that he had a hard time taking photos of me because it was hard to look for an angle that my fats were not that obvious.  Haha!!  Reality bites.

Seriously I think I really need fat burners if I have to wear my swimsuit again. Do fats come with age? Can I have someone to blame? Haha.. I guess I have to stop whining about it and get this problem solved.

Care to join me? 🙂

How do I start?

May 20, 2011

Hubby and I have always wanted to exercise. He was thinking of playing a sport, I was thinking of going to the gym regularly. Sadly we have started exercising a little bit– good starters, poor finishers. Sigh.

But I can always start again, right? I guess before anything else I have to have to find out what is the best natural colon cleanser. It’s always best to start right– cleansing coupled with exercise, with lots of discipline on food intake would do wonders, I guess. Better said than done, I know. 🙂

Personally I want to exercise not because I want to lose weight but mainly because I want to be fit and healthy. Like all moms, I want to be fit and healthy for my family. So colon cleansing is where I start. Now the question would be, WHEN do I start? That is the challenge. Hmm, maybe.. NOW? All the best to me. And may I finish this right!

@google photo

Afraid of bullies

April 15, 2011

I guess every kid goes through a stage where they could be bullied.  I was once teased for my extra-ordinarily curly hair.  My 8-year old daughter is told her front teeth are way too big.  I had to explain to her that those are part of growing up pains. 🙂

Today I watched this video of  seven-year old Samantha Shaw  who had to undergo plastic surgery– the only solution her parents could think of to ward off school yard bullies.

Wow, shooing off bullies could be done in such a high-tech way nowadays.

For teen agers now I guess the struggle would be to find natural acne remedies so as not to shoo off the boys away! Haha..

Anyways, back to that video, one of the things that impressed me was that so many famous, brilliant people even had big, unusual ears themselves! I believe no impediment could ever stop us from attaining our full potential, or in reaching our dreams.

With or without plastic surgery, I know we could remain to be beautiful if we could only see ourselves as one!

Swimming with the kids

April 15, 2011

This swimming place is just one short ride from our place.  This is the swimming pool of The Mall Bangkapi.  Yes, the pool is on the top floor of the mall!

Ria and Jez swimming with friends

I did not swim during this time with the kids.  It was too hot that day, and a friend volunteered to watch over the kids.  Plus the pool has at least 5 lifeguards who are in constant lookout.

When the kids swim, I cannot help but be envious: first, they have all the energy– lots of them! and  second, they don’t have stubborn fats and skin problems to be conscious about!

I have been looking at some swimsuits for sale lately so that I could also swim with the kids next time.  Sadly, I have gained so much weight and I am not so comfortable wearing a swimsuit! Haha.. Maybe I would first need a good cellulite treatment before I could wear a swimsuit with pride. LOL. 🙂

Flight confirmed!

April 15, 2011

Last night my family sent me an SMS saying that they already booked hubby’s plane ticket. He will be going to our home country for his ear check up, and possibly, he could have an ear operation as well. It was an emotional moment for the family, since the kids would really miss their dad.

I cannot help but think that we have to stay fit and healthy for the sake of the kids. I believe it really breaks them to see us not in good shape.

When hubby comes back from the Philippines, we should lay out our plans towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Good diet.
colonoxy  — why not?
Enough hours of sleep…
and a happy heart!! 🙂

The more we age, the more we worry so much about a lot of things but more often than not, it pulls us down. So I guess the best thing to do is just to live one day at a time and cherish life’s every single moment!