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Me, the teacher!

April 15, 2011

Ok, so my teaching career officially starts Monday. Yes, this Monday and I am not that prepared yet… but I will be, I promise. I will be teaching two groups, 50 to 60 kids all in all. I have not taught little kids in a while, so I have to be creative– like remembering kids’ songs, dances and all.

This is our classroom– this photo was taken last month.  That time I was just observing the classes because someone was heading the class.  Now that she is out of the country, I have to take over.  Our learners  are mostly from poor families and we teach them English for free.

This little guy is not supposed to ba allowed to study with us because he is still 5, but what can we do? He already walked 2 kilometers just to come to the center!
Kids are welcome to play games like these… something they never get to do in a regular school.

I wonder if we would have very little learners that would need step stools  when the classes resume next week?