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Thailand’s Tuktuk

March 29, 2011

You have never been to Thailand if you have never ridden a tuktuk. A tuktuk is a unique mode of transportation mostly within the heart of Bangkok. You can ride on it to get from one big shopping mall to another.

Experience a fast and fun ride with the Tuktuk!

We rode on a tuktuk to visit downtown Bangkok’s biggest landmarks with my sister and her family when they visited last month. We had loads¬† of fun!¬† We went to buy some items she could sell in our home country so we had some shopping spree, too. Those crystal beads on the earrings she bought looked stunning. And they were not expensive at all! There were gorgeous necklaces, too. They were so gorgeous it was hard to pick the best ones, considering that we had little budget. Haha! Some necklaces had to have necklace extenders, though, but they were great.

It wasn’t really a “shop ’til you drop” kind of shopping experience, but the tuktuk ride we enjoyed!


Bad hair days

July 2, 2010

When I was little I have always wanted to have straight hair. Like, what type of hair is usually shown in the commercials? The silky smooth, long, black hair, right? But of course now that is changing. Curly hair is also gaining popularity, much to my delight. The honest truth though, is it takes a longer time for my curly hair to grow. Like this photo our family taken at Central World last December, my hair was so short then. . I realized that it’s better to have a longer hair when you are in Bangkok. At least when it gets too hot and humid you can easily have a ponytail… or just tie it in a bun when you happen to have bad hair days. So I decided to grow mine… but talk about 6 long months to have a hair this long!I do need one of those fast hair growth shampoo. This is one of my recent photos, taken last month at the airport in the Philippines. If you happen to notice, my curls are not there anymore. Thanks to my good friend Fely who did my hair make over for free.

The Preacher’s wife

July 1, 2010

Joey had the opportunity to preach at the church in Bangkok while I was in the Philippines. I was quite worried about what he was going to wear. Unlike our church in the Philippines, the people here in Thailand are quite particular with what one has to wear in church, especially the one preaching. I had been nagging him to wear a tie for this special event, but he was quite hesitant to do so. Just as I suspected, he never did! But it turned out well, though. I am seriously considering buying him one of those designer ties. And yes, I will see to it that I will be there the next time he preaches so he will have no choice but to wear it! And as for me, I might also need some shopping being a preacher’s wife, don’t you think?