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June 27, 2009

Handy Manny, Poccoyo, My Friends Tigger and Pooh… Special Agent OSO, Johnny and the Sprites, Jojo Circus, Word World– mommies, do these sound familiar? Yep… Playhouse Disney. My boy’s world revolves around it.. he mumbles in his sleep, he role-plays, he tries so hard to speak English… he has learned how to count, he memorized colors. Playhouse Disney, thank you very much!

Joey and i decided not to subscribe to cable TV– for one, our TV is not functioning (haha!) and second, we need to cut down on expenses. My kids go to my mom’s house once in a while to watch their favorite programs. Ria has began to be fond of Barbies and “for the older kids” stuff, but we strictly tell her to watch only Playhouse. The programs have been endorsed by the US Department of Education and we can be assured that the kids indeed learn something after each program.

There is one program that impressed me so much– WORD WORLD. My girl has learned to spell and read in school, but she has come to love spelling through this program. The characters, when they need something, they just “build a word” by looking for letters and putting them altogether and whoala! they get what they want. “C-A-R… Car!” and the letters indeed turn into a car! 4 wheels, a steering wheel, and va-vooom! there it goes. “P-I-E… pie!” and wow! they would have it in a second. I admire the makers of the show. Very innovative!

One time I was watching it I silently wished things would just be as quick as in the word world. “C-A-S-H… cash!” and ting… i have cash! Or… “P-L-A-N-E… plane!” then whooosh! off to Thailand we go. But back to reality.. we have to work hard for cash… pay plane tickets to ride on a plane. When we get to Thailand, we cannot just spell “H-O-U-S-E” and tadah! a house! We need to pay rent… pray for provision… earn our keep… I like world world, but well… things do not work like that in OUR WORLD.