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Learning Center

April 22, 2011

I am working as a volunteer teacher at a foundation here in Bangkok.  It’s really a joy to teach children, although it takes a lot of creativity and energy!  I cannot believe how tired I become after three hours of  teaching.

We would need more tables and chairs, as there are more and more students coming in wanting to learn English.   There will be lots of books coming, so we might need more shelves, too.  We would definitely need more business office supplies.

The children at our learning center enjoying their art time.


Level up!

April 22, 2011

Nowadays it would be impossible to find a good job if one does not have basic computer skills.  But of course it is always a plus factor when job applicants are more than just computer literates.  The world is “wired” and it’s important to “level up”.

I am one of those who are not really into computers but what can I do?  I could not just sit in the corner and let the world pass me by.  I am grateful that hubby is very “techie” (i have to look into an online dictionary to see if this word ever exists– LOL.  Thankfully it does! 😀  ) plus I have so many friends online who are more than willing to give me assistance whenever I need one.

Hubby is thinking about enrolling in an online IT degree — I think it’s a brilliant idea! There are unlimited opportunities online for those who are IT-educated and trained.

I wonder if I would ever make it if I would enroll in an online it degree? I am scared to venture on new things but who knows?