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first birthday in thailand

October 17, 2009

Ria, Lorraine (one of our first pillars disciples who is now in south Thailand teaching) and I had a late night on October 16. We were doing the “girly-girly thing” as Ria calls it. Cleaning our nails, polishing… erasing… repolishing… and of course, chatting. Lorraine and I had a lot of catching up to do, after three years of not being able to see each other. Tearful confessions, laughters, and remembering the good old days in Pillars. Before we knew it, it was past 1 in the morning! She greeted me a happy birthday and off we went to bed.

I had a wonderful time at devotional this morning. I just praised God for my first birthday in the field. I remembered how I used to kneel down in prayer when I was 16. Newly saved and on fire ( i still am, actually! lol!), I used to sing my favorite song: “I will serve thee”. It is an old hymn. Slowly that morning, I sang it..

“I will serve thee, because I love thee.. you have given life to me.. I was nothing until you found me.. You have given life to me. Heartaches… broken people.. ruined lives are why you died on calvary.. your touch is what I long for.. you have given life to me.”

I was in tears. Wow, it still is a beautiful song. I thank God that during those times that I was so young in age and spiritually, He heard the longing of my heart… and He was faithful to fulfill His part of the covenant… To see me through as I longed to serve Him with all my heart. Looking back, I had not always been faithful, but He remained true to His word.. true to His promise and saw to it that I would indeed be serving Him. It was, and it is still His energy and strength that works in me that I might do His works! He has become my life, my all. I just loved God that all through these years, He saw to it that I would be here for such a time as this. He heard my cry when I longed to see the lost saved. How could He have missed it? It is HIS cry! It has always been.

My birthday has been wonderful. I had a small cake given by Lorraine, P’Lorrie, our director treated us for pizza, and our new friends Penn and Day treated us with such a heavy dinner… Sukiyaki! Then I blew my cake and had prayer with them. Now that the day has gone, I praise God– the lunch and dinner were sumptuous and the cake was yummy… but over and above that, I praise that I am in the center of His will… doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time. I thank God that I am here– in the middle of a place so loved by God, in a place where there is so much heartache, brokenness, and ruined lives in the absence of the gospel in their lives.