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You got me blogging!

May 19, 2010

Ahhmm… so where did I get this drive to blog and blog some more? Well, to be honest I kind of lost the momentum when we did not have internet for a couple of weeks. I knew I had so much to blog about but somehow just felt that “disconnection”– know what I mean? when you just don’t know where and how to start all over again.

The other day I was shocked to see a post made by my ever proud brother Ching on his fb wall… promoting my blog. I’m like, “what? there’s nothing in there… wait! I will blog, right here and now!!!” so I managed to blog two for that day, a couple of others since then. So here I am, pressure included, blogging my heart out… again. Now here comes this house arrest thing, causing us to stay indoors most of the time. Very conducive for blogging!!! yay..

So there you have it… now you know why I’m so back on track. Perhaps that fb post by my brother was a good thing. It got me moving! Thanks, Manoy. And don’t be so proud of me, ok? I know a lot of people write better than I do– and I need to improve in a lot of things. Ah, I know , you just miss me, don’t you? miss you, too!