Going overseas

More and more people from Asian countries are joining the exodus of going out of their home countries to seek “greener pastures” in other countries.  If not in the West, it would be the Middle East.  Although they would temporarily leave their homes and families, they could always justify their going in the name of bigger income.  I could not blame them.  These are hard times we are in, and to go and seek for jobs in other countries would be a very logical thing to do.

Most overseas workers from other countries that come to work here in Thailand would come as English teachers. I believe it is also the same in other non- English speaking countries like China, Cambodia and Japan. I have not heard of people who come to look for Healthcare Aides Jobs,though.

So would I join this exodus someday?  I already have, except that I have come to Thailand as a volunteer teacher for less privileged  kids and families.

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