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Finally, a printer!

July 23, 2011

We have finally purchased a printer.

We would be needing it for our English classes as we will be printing out lots of materials. Our classes open in less than a month so we are really busy preparing. We have used this kind of printer while we were in the Philippines so we are confident of its quality and good performance.

We are also thinking of buying a laminating machine. We are thinking of making bookmarks, cards, magnetic decors and even birthday invitations as a small-scale business. We don’t have a budget for the laminating machine yet and are still saving up for it.

We have not done these kind of stuff in a while so we are looking at ideas online for designs and ideas. No, this is not something that would really be big. I mean we would really want it to be, but for a start it will just be a hobby. We will just make whatever we can and ask friends if they want to order. 😉 I will definitely show samples of our work in one of my blogs! I’ll keep you posted how this goes.


Your little one’s special day!

July 15, 2011

Upcoming special event, a kid’s party marked heavily on the calendar. There are dozens of themes to decide on. Getting the one that expresses the heart of the party with the important person in mind is a daunting task especially for first time moms. The first thing to do is to pin down a theme; all the cooking and the decorating rely heavily on which theme was decided. Smart moms start working with the Kids Birthday Invitations. It basically spins ideas and lets out all artistic flair that has been vaulted for a long time.

Healthy gifts

July 15, 2011

A wonderful way to make your special someone happy is to make him, or her, eat. Organic fruit of the month club is a store full of fruit baskets and gift ideas beautifully packaged to add to the delight of the receiver. Everything that can be eaten is organic and good for the health. Sumptuous and delightful stuff ready for the giving, it’s easy and thoughtfully fun way to cheer just about anyone. Just pick, pay and enjoy being the most thoughtful giver of the season.

A traveler’s must-have

July 15, 2011

Thrill and adventure that comes with travelling to different places involves certain risks. But it shouldn’t stop anyone to seek the fun side of life. There are insurance companies that offer good car insurance but there is also the 5th wheel insurance for RV. It offers extended benefits exclusively for RVs that are not offered by regular car insurance companies. For the thrill seekers as well as for those who made RV their home, it is always good for the conscience to travel covered. It takes away layers of veil to see and enjoy life.

A new sport?

July 11, 2011

I am never a sports person, and believe it or not, some basketball rules still doesn’t make sense to me– at my age! unbelievable, right? But actually I am thinking of playing a sport. Yes, at my age. I believe it’s always never too late to learn something new.

There’s a golf course very near our place, but I’ve never even considered playing the sport simply because I think it’s too challenging for me. But I guess with the help of  golf gps, I wouldn’t be so bad. 😉

Maybe it’s time to check on garmin golf gps reviews.  I wonder if there’s a teacher who would be patient enough with me?

Chatuchak Market

July 10, 2011

Chatuchak would complete your Bangkok shopping experience. It is a weekend market that bustles with so much life, with people practically from all over the world.  It is huge ( I mean huge) market– what sets this apart from the shopping malls is that they just retained the “market” look, with  un-airconditioned stalls and little shops.  So in a way, it’s still authentically Thai.

These are the few photos I took inside the market.  We were there for about 4 hours and believe it or not, we have not even gone to half of the entire market.  Well, that’s also partly because I was with my mom who is one picky shopper. LOL.

Chatuchak market has it all– from pets to plants, home decors, hand painted stuff, bags, shoes, even second hand items!  Literally, you can shop ’til you drop.  In our case, we stopped because it poured heavily!  Notice the thick rain clouds in the first photo?

By the way, most shops do not allow people to take photos of their products/shops so these are all stolen shots. Maybe it’s one advantage that you have if you have one of those smaller digi-cams like mine.  It would have been more difficult if I had those big cameras for pros.  Or am  I just sour-graping? Of course, I want to have a DSLR camera!
* wink*




Found the right one!

July 10, 2011

While we were searching for a house a few months ago, we were not looking for a perfect house but at least one that would not require lots of repair on our part. Some houses that we have gone were affordable, but we had to do some plumbing and minor repairs. Minor repairs can also cost us a lot– so they should never be underestimated.

There was one house that we particularly liked. The owner repaired everything except for the floor. It had laminated wooden tiles but the tiles were already starting to wear off. Floor lamination, if not done right, would really cause problems in the future, like in the case of that house. It was one of the reasons why we did not choose that house. Kids might trip on the uneven flooring, which could be dangerous too. laminate floor is one site that would give excellent information on floor lamination. Our current house does not have laminated floors, although it would have been nicer if it had. But we are still grateful we found the right house for us!