Driving in Bangkok

Posted August 25, 2011 by rayainthailand
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Yes, hubby is already driving in Bangkok. The first time he did, he had to beat this traffic!  Our friends lent us their van that night.  It was nerve-wrecking for me as a passenger (LOL) but I am so proud of Joey who drove with ease and confidence.

I don’t think I would be that confident to drive in this bustling city.  Not yet, especially that I still have to adjust with right hand driving and all.  I have mentioned many times before that we come from a very small city in the Philippines so I don’t think I would be that skilled to drive here yet.  Besides I still have to get my Thailand driver’s license.
We have already started to “dream” about what car we would like to have here in Thailand.  I think we would love to have this:

What do you think?  😉  It is always convenient to have a family car.  I don’t know if they have title loans like title loans Ohio here in Thailand. If so, it would be great since we could avail of cash if there would be unexpected expenses that is not included in our monthly budget.


Going overseas

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More and more people from Asian countries are joining the exodus of going out of their home countries to seek “greener pastures” in other countries.  If not in the West, it would be the Middle East.  Although they would temporarily leave their homes and families, they could always justify their going in the name of bigger income.  I could not blame them.  These are hard times we are in, and to go and seek for jobs in other countries would be a very logical thing to do.

Most overseas workers from other countries that come to work here in Thailand would come as English teachers. I believe it is also the same in other non- English speaking countries like China, Cambodia and Japan. I have not heard of people who come to look for Healthcare Aides Jobs,though.

So would I join this exodus someday?  I already have, except that I have come to Thailand as a volunteer teacher for less privileged  kids and families.

Books, books, books!

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More than a month ago we went to a foundation called Books for Thailand to get some books for our Charity foundation.  We are offering free English classes for less privileged kids and this particular foundation gives books for free also!  All you have to do is to present your foundation certificate and you can get books as many as you can, at 2 copies each.

Yay! Look at that!  It was fun looking for books.  What made that trip more fun was that we had to bring some suitcases so we could get lots of books.  It was very heavy carrying those suitcases down from the two-storey building but it sure was worth it.


A trip to the Scenery Resort

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Our homeschoolers wanted to have a “feel” of farm life so we looked online where we could possibly go for a field trip. Initially we wanted to go to a farm but the entrance fee was quite costly, so we cancelled it.

Through a recommendation of a friend, we decided to go to Scenery Resort.  It is located in Suanphung, Ratchaburi, about 4 hours drive from where we are in Bangkok.

Scenery Resort is said to be Thailand’s “New Zealand”– we have always wanted to go to New Zealand and since there seem to be no opportunity for us to do so, I guess this would be a perfect alternative for us. Haha!

The resort is famous for its lush green fields– and those mountains are gorgeous, aren’t they?  It is also very seldom that you would see sheep in Bangkok so it was refreshing to be in a place that is neither crowded nor noisy. Pure nature!

Our homeschoolers really had a “feel” of farm life that day– they loved those hats, and feeding the sheep with grasses.
One fun activity there was the Archery– fun for both adults and kids.
Their website says Kayaking is also available for those who are keen.
We could have ridden in horses too, but they are available at 3pm.  We had to leave before that so that we could get to Bangkok before it starts to have heavy traffic in the late afternoon.  It is for the same reason that we did not go Kayaking.
They also have rooms available for those who want to stay overnight.  If we were to go there again, we would stay for the night so that we could maximize our time, making the most of the long trip.


Protection for the family

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So we are finally making Thailand our home for the next 5 or 8 years, or even more than that. Aside from being settled in our own home, we have to think now of many details that we have not looked into in the last 2 years.

For instance, we should get an insurance. Sure we have an insurance in our home country, but it would be best that we also have one here. To be quite honest, we should have gotten one since we set foot here in Thailand but we just haven’t done that– the budget remains to be the main reason for that.

So I guess now we have to choose the best one that would suit our needs. Browsing through www.wholesaleinsurance.net would make it easier as we will be able to compare prices, features and services ourselves.

Getting an insurance policy is actually getting protection for our family. It may cost us, but will definitely be worth it.

Finally, a printer!

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We have finally purchased a printer.

We would be needing it for our English classes as we will be printing out lots of materials. Our classes open in less than a month so we are really busy preparing. We have used this kind of printer while we were in the Philippines so we are confident of its quality and good performance.

We are also thinking of buying a laminating machine. We are thinking of making bookmarks, cards, magnetic decors and even birthday invitations as a small-scale business. We don’t have a budget for the laminating machine yet and are still saving up for it.

We have not done these kind of stuff in a while so we are looking at ideas online for designs and ideas. No, this is not something that would really be big. I mean we would really want it to be, but for a start it will just be a hobby. We will just make whatever we can and ask friends if they want to order. 😉 I will definitely show samples of our work in one of my blogs! I’ll keep you posted how this goes.

Your little one’s special day!

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Upcoming special event, a kid’s party marked heavily on the calendar. There are dozens of themes to decide on. Getting the one that expresses the heart of the party with the important person in mind is a daunting task especially for first time moms. The first thing to do is to pin down a theme; all the cooking and the decorating rely heavily on which theme was decided. Smart moms start working with the Kids Birthday Invitations. It basically spins ideas and lets out all artistic flair that has been vaulted for a long time.